Long-term financial returns

RACE is a unique Dutch platform established in 2020 to encourage and to invest or co-invest in greening projects. The model can also be used internationally. Our investments finance innovative greening projects that:

- deploy proven technologies, products and services that incrementally make the world run with less energy,

- utilize fewer raw materials, re-use end-of life products and materials,

- absorb and reduce emissions and reduce water runoff and floods

- and contribute to a circular economy.

Products, product lines and materials that, validated, contribute most will receive the RACE Green City System approval.

We seek to achieve superior environmental benefits with long-term financial returns and cost reduction for private and public.

In accordance with its ANBI status RACE Green City Fund will invest at least 90% of its received funds in greening projects and return the environmental benefits to its investors. Thus, RGCF offers public and private entities a platform to become co2 neutral as well as decrease NOx, SO and PM to healthy norms. Based on calculated, verified and validated emission reductions investing entities will receive CE Green City CO2 Certificates to offset their Carbon Footprint and when applicable taxes.

Long-term financial returns